DRAF as a production unit is a forum where discussions take place, a context for an extended community.

01 The Labs

The Labs are invitations for research based projects. We offer a space/office in which to work, with the possibility of testing new ideas. Each participant is independent: the outcome of the research does not have to be presented at DRAF in as much as DRAF is not responsible for the research. The aim of the Labs is to open DRAF to different sensibilities, cultures, methodologies and dialogues, so that the Foundation always remains in contact with different realities. We host:

  • FormContent. Now directed by Francesco Pedraglio and Pieternel Vermoortel, with the contribution of Anca Rujoiu, FormContent is a non-profit organisation that has been developing a fertile programme of performances, events, publications and commissions.

02 Collecting Matters

The Kadist Art Foundation (Paris), Nomas Foundation (Rome) and David Roberts Art Foundation (London), wish to offer their collections as a research tool, to develop an exchange on notions of collection/collecting through an interdisciplinary curatorial fellowship.

The newly formed partnership between the three Foundations marks a collective commitment to encouraging new ways of thinking, sharing and producing knowledge about collections. Acknowledging that the structure and fundamental philosophy behind collecting contemporary art is constantly evolving, the focus of this fellowship will be placed on research as an elastic and flexible practice akin to the process of collecting.

The ‘Collection Matters, an exchange’ Fellowship is characterised by the quality of the produced project but also on the richness of partnership between the three foundations and the following postgraduate programs: Curating the Contemporary, London Metropolitan University & Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK, Fine Arts Sandberg Institut, Amsterdam NL, Design and Production of Visual Arts IUAV Venezia, IT

03 The Hepworth Wakefield

Selections from the Collection have previously been on view to audiences at the David Roberts Art Foundation premises in central London. Now, for the first time, highlights of the Collection will be exhibited in a public art gallery.

Work by Huma Bhabha, Louise Bourgeois, Tony Cragg, Lucian Freud, Damien Hirst, Thomas Houseago, Mark Manders, Eduardo Paolozzi, Marc Quinn, Man Ray, John Stezaker, Andy Warhol and Rebecca Warren are among over 30 outstanding works selected by The Hepworth Wakefield.

This exhibition examines ways in which modern and contemporary artists represent the human body in various media to explore psychological and emotional life. The human head is a particular motif of the exhibition, which has resonance with The Hepworth Wakefield’s current collection display Post-War British Sculpture and Painting.

The exhibition takes as its starting point the work of 19th century sculptor Jules Dalou, an apparent anomaly within the David Roberts collection. Born in 1838, Dalou was famed for his sculptural impressionism and ability to communicate subtly perceptive representations of his subjects rather than simply following a realist ideal.

The title of the exhibition To Hope, To Tremble, To Live is an extract from a quote by Dalou’s extraordinary contemporary, Auguste Rodin, in which he famously exhorts an absolute faith in nature and his endeavour to capture this within sculpture of the human body: “The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live”.

As The Hepworth Wakefield’s first large-scale exhibition in collaboration with a private art collection, it provides an opportunity to examine the significance of collecting and collections for public art galleries, as well as their current and historical context.

Gemma Millward, curator explains: “This new exhibition is part of a year-long programme of exhibitions and displays at The Hepworth Wakefield that will explore various aspects of collecting and collections.  Our own collection is a superb and highly popular resource that is now growing once again through generous philanthropy.  Our work with the David Roberts Collection is a wonderful opportunity to bring an inspirational group of works to Yorkshire to reach a wide new audience in a public context.’