DRAF Broadcasts: Live with choreographer Holly Blakey (23 April 2020)

DRAF Broadcasts: Live, a conversation between choreographer and artist Holly Blakey and Ned McConnell, curator at DRAF.


Thursday 23 April 2020

Live from 4pm

Recording now available:


Holly Blakey and Ned McConnell will discuss notions of liveness in her work and what that means in today’s context.

Holly Blakey’s work has been described as a “punk, 4am vision of what contemporary dance can be” (Kate Hutchinson, The Guardian). Her practice moves between genres, from pop to contemporary, and responds to contexts than span live performance, video directing and choreography.

This event is part of a series of online conversations, co-hosted by DRAF and Performance Exchange (performance-exchange.org). The webcast talks feature artists, curators and other cultural practitioners engaged in live work.

As organisations both being dedicated to performance and event-based art practices, this collaboration is born from the need to keep supporting these practices, perhaps now more urgently than ever. In creating this platform together, we want to share artistic projects and ideas with our audiences, whilst thinking through different cultural infrastructure that works for performance in times of social isolation.


  • Holly Blakey, 2017. Photo: Daniele Fummo
    Holly Blakey, 2017. Photo: Daniele Fummo