DRAF Studio – Holly White, Recipes for you: A vegan and gluten free recipe and story book with additional life skills. A book launch with film screenings, music and snacks (Sat 2 Jul 2016)


Free, all welcome

Recipes for you is a new cookbook and survival guide by artist Holly White, launched at DRAF as part of Curators’ Series #9. Ways of Living by Arcadia Missa.

Rather than selling an aspiration, the book looks honestly at our conflicted relationship with consumption. White intersperses recipes and self-sufficiency notes with prose, as the contributions collected on her food blog (http://holly-white-food.tumblr.com/) spark imagined and remembered references and memories. The pendulum swings between the author’s personal relationships with food and her critical deconstructions of metropolitan precarity, with a soft sleight of hand.

To celebrate the launch, White’s Supermarket Cafe Trilogy (2014–16) will be screened in its entirety for the first time. In keeping with the book, these video works navigate eating in the city and resultant affective relationships. A live music performance by LD will take place, and snacks and refreshments from the book served.

This event is part of Curators’ Series #9. Ways of Living by Arcadia Missa, on display 15 Apr–23 Jul 2016.

DRAF Curators’ Series is supported by Arts Council England

Thanks to DRAF Galleries Circle for supporting performance and education at DRAF

  • Holly White, Supermarket Cafe 2, 2015 (film still). Courtesy the artist
    Holly White, Supermarket Cafe 2, 2015 (film still). Courtesy the artist