Fig.2 and Fig.3. An Event with Ruth Buchanan, Ghislaine Leung and Noah Angell (17 Sep 2011)

An event with Ruth Buchanan, Ghislaine Leung, and Noah Angell

1 pm: Ruth Buchanan  Traveling Exhibitions. Transferring and interpreting her text based projection and paper works into movement across the gallery, Buchanan will give a guided tour of Fig.2 reflecting on instructions outlined in the Unesco Manual of Travelling Exhibitions from 1953 and Yvonne Rainer’s Lecture on Moving, 1970-71. Limited places are available. For bookings please email

1.45 pm: Ghislaine Leung This is Living. Leung will discuss the problem of critique played out between notions of common production and self-reflection. In some way, what links these propositional modes of acting is a concern with proximity; either a distance from self or a closeness to others. An artwork might be seen to perpetuate or indicate this distance by at once being both a thing in-itself and a distributed form.

This project is curated by Sandra Pusterhofer, Assistant Curator, DRAF.

2.30 pm: Noah Angell Forgetting and negative space within the ethnographic field recording by Noah Angell is a lecture / performance which focuses upon lapses in historical memory, misremembering, archaic speech, and the absence of the historical subject as heard in field recordings. Also prominently featured are songs and articles of recorded speech which take forgetfulness as their subject. Included in the program are recordings from Borneo, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Mexico, New Guinea, and the United States.

An artist’s book by Claire Nichols and David Garner will be available in the gallery. The artist’s book is a result of Dark Room (7 seconds), an intervention that  took place on the opening night of Fig. 2 & Fig. 3 – an attempt to create a relationship between the lens of the camera and the social scenario of the private view.

This event is curated by Stefanie Hirsch and Anca Rujoiu.

  • Performance by Noah Angell.
    Performance by Noah Angell.