Indirect Language. A Performance by Cally Spooner (28 May 2011)

Location: Calder Bookshop, 51 The Cut, London SE1 8LF

Cally Spooner performs Indirect Language (2010) at the occasion of the current exhibition Studies for an Exhibition, curated by our fourth guest curator in the Curators’ Series, Mathieu Copeland (on until 11th June). Spooner’s performance is an evolving translation of Merleau Ponty’s essay Indirect Language and the Voices of Silence (1952) and disassembles Ponty’s original essay on speech, history and cultural expression into 8-acts that include dialogue, dramatisation, un-workable stage directions, a growing cast of historical references and a non-chronological order. For her performance at the Calder bookshop Spooner and her cast will deliver five acts, in their original order of appearance.
With (in order of appearance): Will Holder, Richard Parry, Dulcie Lewis, Andrew Kerton, Philomene Pirecki, Patrick Coyle and one other…