S – E – T – S – 1. An Evening of Musical Performances (25 May 2010)

An evening of improvised and experimental music, organised by Lawrence Williams.

S – E – T – S – 1 is the first of a series of concerts exploring the dynamic of spaces and music, curation and composition, decay and renewal, with

Soldercup – Rhodri Davies (harp) and Louisa Hendrikien Martin (laptop)
Seijiro Muryama (percussion, voice), Ute Kanngeisser (cello), Ross Lambert (guitar)

This performance marks the completion of Rhodri Davies and Louisa Martin’s debut recording as Soldercup.
Soldercup is the result of a live improvisation and editing process, using recordings of Davies’ harp as a starting point.


Seijiro Murayama was born in 1957, in Nagasaki, Japan and as a percussionist and drummer, has worked with Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Keiji Haino and KK Null between 1980 and 1998, and is now resident in Paris. His solo playing is often described as a continuum of microscopic sounds, using snare drum and cymbal with brushes, sticks, air and occasionally contact microphones. In this rare UK visit he is joined by two of London’s finest improvisers.

  • Marco Raparelli, Il futuro non è più quello di una volta, 2009.
    Marco Raparelli, Il futuro non è più quello di una volta, 2009.