Fig. 5. Ad Hoc Salon. A Series of Events with Ruth Beale (15 Nov 2012 — 2 Feb 2013)

At once a laboratory, a workshop, a salon, a theatre and a library, the Studio is a space where we meet, discuss, read and examine works. Artist Ruth Beale has designed special shelving and furniture for our event space on the first floor at DRAF and will host a series of ‘kitchen conversations’.

  • 02 February from 4-6pm

Miss B’s Salon: Meanwhile Uses

At their best, ‘pop-ups’, or ‘meanwhile uses’ can provide refreshing interventions, access for community groups and artists to otherwise out-of-bounds land and property, and an inventive use of space in a jam-packed city. But in the wake of several high profile pop-up-flops, and the rise of the corporate and institutional pop-up, have they now lost their edge? Or can policy create incentives for landowners, property owners and developers to support creative and community uses?

Four speakers give their perspective on the subject:

Jude Bennett, Pop Up Curator, Camden Town Unlimited
Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) has been appointed by the business community to improve Camden Town by introducing innovative approaches to upgrade the commercial and environmental performance of Camden Town.

Celia Coram, Trustee, Global Generation
Global Generation supports young people to generate change in the business and local community to create a sustainable future by implementing interdependent projects to increase awareness of self, community and natural environment.

Jessica Tsang, Project Coordinator, Meanwhile Space
Meanwhile Space are a Community Interest Company that aim to boost community uses of empty properties and sites.

Jo Wilson, Director, Future of London
Future of London is an independent not for profit organisation focused on developing skills and capacity across the urban regeneration sector in London, through the provision of training, policy briefings and new analysis.

  • 08 December from 4-6pm

Ruth Beale and Nina Gerada

For the second session of the Ad Hoc Salon Series, Ruth Beale invites artist Nina Gerada, an Urban Designer and graduate of the Bartlett and London Metropolitan University architecture schools, who runs an informal drawing group in East London. Gerada will host an experimental drawing workshop in the Studio, using different drawing techniques, media and materials to draw in a playful and free manner. The session will also include a general discussion about Nina and the groups interests, and the desire to draw. Nina’s past projects include ‘Map Conversations’ a participative and conversational drawing process, and work with RARA (the Redundant Architects Recreation Association) and a team of young designers to convert a disused library in Walthamstow into a community centre.

Pamphlet Library

In anticipation of Ad Hoc events in the new year, a small selection of political pamphlets on the subject of anarchism, alternative approaches to governance, and grassroots activity will be available as a reference library from 8 December.

  • 15 November from 4-6pm

Ruth Beale and Giles Round

For the first session of the Ad Hoc Salon Series, Ruth Beale invites artist Giles Round to discuss his research into American designer Ken Isaacs’ theories of matrix design and 1974 publication ‘How to Build Your Own Living Structures’.