The Future is Now. A Discussion chaired by Dr. Marq Smith. With Dr Garin Dowd, Stephen Melville and Dr Alev Adi (26 Nov 2009)

A discussion chaired by Dr. Marq Smith with Dr Garin Dowd, Stephen Melville and Dr Alev Adi.

Dr Garin Dowd is Reader in Critical and Cultural Theory in the Faculty of the Arts at Thames Valley University and has published extensively on Beckett, Ballard, Derrida, Deleuze and Aesthetics.

Stephen Melville is Professor in the Department of History of Art at the Ohaio State University. He has published widely on contemporary art as well as contemporary theory and historiography. Most recently, he served as resident faculty at the Getty Summer Institute in Visual and Cultural Studies, and has given lectures at Cornell University, The Johns Hopkins University, and Tate Modern in London.

Dr Alev Adil is Head of the Department of Creative, Critical and Communication Studies at University of Greenwich, a scholar and a poet of longing, belonging, technologies, and desire.

An event organized with The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at University of Westminster