The Future is Tomorrow. A Discussion chaired by Dr. Marq Smith. With Lennard J Davis, Ben Watson and Chris Horrocks (21 Nov 2009)

A discussion chaired by Dr. Marq Smith with Lennard J Davis, Ben Watson and Chris Horrocks.

Lennard J Davis is Professor in the Department of English, Department of Disability and Human Development, and Department of Medical Education at University of Illinois at Chicago. He writes prolifically, lectures internationally, and broadcasts on literature, disability, the medical humanities, and science within the context of the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Professor Davis’s books include Factual Fictions (1983), Resisting Novels (1987), Enforcing Normalcy (1995), The Disability Studies Reader (1997), My Sense of Silence (2000), Bending over Backwards (2002), Obsession (2008), and Go Tell Your Father (2009). He has been honoured regularly by the likes of the Guggenheim, and has extensive senior management experience as Head of School, as the Director of the international project Biocultures, and as a member of the Executive Committee on Stem-Cell Research at Illinois.

Ben Watson is an independent music critic, Marxist theorist, poet, and author of books on Frank Zappa, art and class, and Derek Bailey.

Chris Horrocks is Principal Lecturer in the School of Art and Design History at Kingston University. He is author of books on Marshall McLuhan and Virtuality, Jean Baudrillard, Michel Foucault, and Tokyo Glamrock.

An event organized with The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture at University of Westminster