DRAF is a production site. It is a flexible structure of production and presentation capable of responding to the specific needs of contemporary art, able to activate discussions and to create its own context.

01 Exhibitions

We produce solo and group exhibitions. For the group exhibitions, we concentrate on exhibitions, often performative, which investigate the structures of presentation and dissemination of art, its narrative potential and links with history.

All the solo presentations at DRAF are made and curated especially for the space. We invite artists to produce solo exhibitions that resonate, initiate dialogue, or sometimes argue with our space, history and philosophy. They range from ambitious environmental installations to long-term research in the artist’s archives. Invited artists included Jason Dodge, Nina Beier and Marie Lund, Damien Roach, Oscar Tuazon, Keren Cytter, Miriam Cahn, Lydia Gifford, Benoit Maire, Nina Beier.

The short-term interventions in the space are usually small or medium-size displays which address a particular formal, historical or conceptual issue. Exhibitions include works from our collection as well as new productions that do not necessarily enter the collection. Importantly, we aim at an intimate and direct experience with the art work.

02 Live

Our programme is densely articulated around live events in which discussions, performances and happenings play an important role: not as secondary material to temporary displays, but as an essential part and the direct outcome of our research to move from a museum of objects to a museum of ideas and movements.

Artists, choreographers, writers and musicians are commissioned to work together for DRAF’s celebrated evenings of performances. To celebrate its ongoing commitment to performance, DRAF opened a dedicated live projects space: DRAF Studio. The expansion occupies a 250 sq m converted industrial loft with original wooden rafters within DRAF’s London building.

Danai Anesiadou, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Nina Beier, Juliette Blightman, John Bock, Born in Flamez, Stuart Brisley, CAConran, Adam Christensen, Michael Dean, Matthew Dickman, Tim Etchells, Mathilde Fernandez, Dora Garcia, Philip Glass, Kim Gordon and Rodney Graham, Karl Holmkvist, Eloise Howser, Than Hussein Clark, Pierre Huyghe, Zhana Ivanova, Jiri Kovanda, Chosil Kil, Lina Lapelyte, Sarah Lucas, Alvin Lucier, Bruce McLean, David Medalla, Jaccopo Miliani, Haroon Mirza, Joe Moran, Stina Nyberg, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Eddie Peake, planningtorock, Laure Prouvost, Steve Reich, Pipilotti Rist, Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo, Alexandre Singh, Cally Spooner, Sue Tompkins are some of the artists who performed in our space.

03 The Curators' Series

The Curators’ Series supports curators by commissioning special research-based projects. The series considers a curator as an author. This programme is not open to proposals: we specifically invite curators whose work we have been following and think should be presented in London. Curators must remain independent to propose the best projects. They are free to decide whether to use works from our collection.  Former curators include Cylena Simonds (UK), Raimundas Malasauskas (Lithuania), Mihnea Mircan (Romania), Mathieu Copeland (UK), Simone Menegoi & Chris Sharp (Italy and US), Pablo Leon de la Barra (Mexico), Vivian Ziherl (Australia) & Natasha Ginwala (India), Christine Eyene (France/Cameroon) and Arcadia Missa (London).

04 Commissions

The artworks commissioned do not automatically join the collection, although we also happen to commission works directly for our collection. The commissions cover most of our activities: we commission artists, curators, speakers, writers and designers for special projects and events.

05 Artworks in residence

Find works from the collection and new site-specific commissions displayed on a long-term basis in the building. They form a discreet and parallel exhibition, an exhibition which follows its own rules, a treasure hunt  in the museum. Artists who participated include Martin Boyce, Luis Camnitzer, Jason Dodge, Dora Garcia, Marie Lund, Benoît Maire, Victor Man, Kris Martin, Prabhakar Pachpute, Manuela Ribadeneira, Pietro Roccasalva, Adam Thompson, and Lawrence Weiner.